Welcome to The Code Source

The Code Source is a New York based Accounting and Software Development Company founded in 2000. Throughout our nineteen year history, we have developed and delivered hundreds of customer solutions, from small workgroup tools to large distributed systems.

Requirements Analysis

We work closely with our customers to explicitly define project requirements, scope of work, cost estimation, infrastructure and resource requirements.

Accounting Services:

We provide full-charge bookkeeping and Accounting services to our customers, to compliment our extensive suite of specialized accounting software packages.

All services are performed in our Long Island, New York office. We do not outsource.

Project Lifecycle Management

The Code Source provides full lifecycle project services, from requirements analysis, design, and application development, through integration, testing, and maintenance. Our personable and responsive staff are commited to ensuring our customers are informed and involved at every stage.

Good communication is the cornerstone of good service.

Service Highlights

•  Specialized Accounting Applications
•  Document Management Software
•  Desktop, Web, & Mobile Applications
•  API Development
•  Client/Server & n-Tier Architecture
•  Cloud Based Architecture
•  High Security Communication
•  Financial Aid Management Software
•  Technical Publishing Software
•  Workflow & Business Intelligence Software

System Reengineering

The Code Source offers a full range of re-engineering services for legacy systems, from platform porting to full end-to-end system redevelopment. We will analyze your system and provide the most logical and cost effective migration method.

Quality Assurance & Testing

We follow a test-drive approach to development. Our components are fully unit tested by our staff before they are integrated into the application. Once we are prepared to release, our dedicated Quality Assurance staff further ensures all features and functionality have been properly integrated and are working as designed before delivery.

This test-driven focus lowers the overall cost of maintenance adds an noticable level of quality and finesse to the software we provide.